Lighting the tree

Tonight is the lighting of the tree and holiday stroll in Old Town Albuquerque. This will be a wonderful oppportunity to see a beautiful tree. This will also give you a chance to shop for the holidays.  Come out and find me.


This past week I was able to make it to the river of lights. I will hopefully have some photos up this week. It was absolutely beautiful. This weekend is Twinkle Lights Parade.  Come out and find me. I may also try to get some shots from festival of trees. Lots of things to see.

Dia de los muertos

On Sunday November 4 in the south valley of Albuquerque there will be a great event. It is the 26th annual Dia De Los Muertos Marigold Parade and Celebration. It is an amazing event to photograph and witness. It begins at 2:00 pm. Come out and see this event and find me.

Lanterns of all kinds

Tomorrow night (October 25th) I will be going to the Dragon Lanterns at Expo NM. Last year this event was called the Chinese Lantern Festival. It was amazing last year and I hear that it’s better this year. Come out and check it out and find me.

The birds

This weekend I’m headed to a wildlife refuge south of Socorro,New Mexico called Bosque del Apache.  There are some great views of wildlife in the area. While the cranes have not arrived just yet the turkeys should be out as well as other wildlife.  Come find me and check it out.

A lot of hot air

This week is the annual Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. It is an amazing site with 100’s of balloons in the sky. I will be there on Monday and Friday come look for me it will be amazing.

Cultural festival

The next two weeks are going to be busy with shooting. This weekend I’m going to the Grecian Festival in downtown Albuquerque. Come look for me. There will be amazing food and entertainment for all.

The colors are popping

This weekend I’m going to check out fall colors. I’m looking to go to Hyde Memorial State Park. This is in the mountains outside of Santa Fe. Should be a great day and some amazing foliage. Come check it out and find me.

Where in hike is he?

Hey everyone this weekend I am planning to head out to the Sandia Man Cave. Where is that you ask? It is east of Placitas, New Mexico. It is a beautiful and peaceful area of the Sandia Mountains. There is a great cave to hike up too from the road. If you stay on the road you will get to the road that takes you to Sandia Peak. Come on out and see how amazing it is out there. Maybe you will even be able to find me.

Your highness

Well this weekend should be fun. I’m headed to El Rancho de las Golrindinas for a Renaissance Fair. There will be great costumes and activities. I will be there a little after 10 am. Come out have some fun and find me.