Contest winners


Damien Z.
Kelsey P.
Victor G.

These three lucky people have won the October contest. They will be receiving their prize shortly. Keep an eye out here for the next contest. The next contest will be for the holidays. The prize will be a set of photo holiday cards with envelopes. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Santa Fe Bound

This weekend (September 9) I will be headed to Santa Fe to shoot at the Fiesta. I will also be there to participate in a photo contest. I will be all over downtown and other places in Santa Fe. Want to join me on the adventure hit me up and have fun.

It’s contest time

I will be running a contest through the month of September, and giving away some items with designs by me using a few of my photos. Enter today here on the website.  You can also share your special link once you enter, and if a friend uses your link to join the contest, you get bonus points! Please come by to see my new photos on my Website and social media pages. Good luck!

Bars everywhere

This weekend (September 2) I get to take a tour of the old main prison.  February 1980 the prison was taken over by inmates and 12 officers were assulted and 33 inmates were killed in a span of 36 hours. They have been working to create a museum at the site. It had also been the location for a number of movies. Since they have started doing tours they have sold out of the tours. I’m glad I get to see the inside. I was at the prison on field trip when I was in high school. It was a scary trip from what I remember.